Pollution Control

We, Malik Polychem Limited are a leading manufacturer of Pollution Control System , Dust Extraction System, Ash Handling System, Air Pollution Control System, Wet Scrubber

Dust Extraction System

The Dust Extraction System are designed based on the data / information provided by customers. MPL offers appropriate equipment and provides commissioning support also.
These solutions includes cyclones, Multiclones, Pulse-jet Bag Filters, Cartridge Filters, and Centralised Fume Extraction System etc.

Ash Handling System

Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Ash Handling System, (Solutions for Ash Conveyors, Ash Storage & Ash Unloading Systems)

We are providing complete ash handling system inspection and engineering services for all types of ash handling applications. Our experienced teams can assist with scheduled outage preparation and provide field labor resources for maintenance and repairs. Ash handling systems are built to meet your exact requirements, whether it’s a bottom ash submerged drag chain conveyor, ash storage silos or ash conditioners. As a total ash handling system solution provider, We handles everything from inspections to retrofits. We designs, fabricates, installs and repairs all types of ash handling equipment:

  • Ash Conveyors
  • Ash Conditioners
  • Rotary Airlock Feeders
  • Double Dump Valves
  • Ash Storage Silos

Air Pollution Control

Design, manufacturing and supply of Pollution control systems, widely used in all industrial gas-cleaning devices. The salient features of these systems are as follow:
· Low capital cost
· Ability to operate at high temperatures
· Low maintenance requirements because there are no moving parts
· Particle Size: Above 200 micron
· Equipment Type: Mech
• 40 – 200 Cyclones
• 5 – 40 Bag Filter
• 0.5 – 5 Scrubber
• - 0.5 E.S.P

Wet Scrubber

Design Manufacturing and Supply of Multistage Wet Scrubbers with Venturi Scrubber, washing tower etc.
Built with high efficiency result in de-dusting and cleaning fumes generated by the most important industrial processes.
Maximum Air flow; 250,000 m3/h


  • Bitumen working
  • Refineries
  • Foundries
  • Ceramics
  • Galvanizing
  • Incinerating
  • Marble
  • Deodorization