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We, Malik Polychem Limited are a leading manufacturer of Used oil recycling plant

Used oil recycling plant

Lube oils or lubricating oil are just one of many fractions, or components, that can be derived from raw petroleum, which emerges from an oil well as a yellow-to-black, flammable, liquid mixture of thousands of hydrocarbons (organic compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms, which occur in all fossil fuels) There are several jobs that the lube oil is designed to perform. Lubrication of moving parts, cooling, cleaning, corrosion control, and etc.

Therefore, the establishments of the contaminant free used lube oil re-refining plants are required which will have following benefits:

  • Reduce environment pollution.
  • Save our aquatic life.
  • Protect the underground water recourses.
  • Produce much needed local fractions for local use and export.
  • Create employment and more room for some academic and environmental research.
  • Gives a second life to waste.



Vacuum distillation process is involved in order to recover good quality light and heavy base oils. Whole process constitutes of three section i.e.,

  • Dehydration section.
  • Distillation section.
  • Bleaching section.


The process goes like this :

Lube oil is first dehydrated in the dehydrated section where water content is totally removed and kerosene so obtained are stored in receiver. The dehydrated oil is pumped into distillation vessel where the oil is heated up & we obtain three fractions, Diesel, mixed oil and lube oil.

Due to rigorous heating, lube oil obtains darker color so in order to minimize the color and to derive the original color of the lube oil, we mix the lube oil with activated carbon and fuller’s earth (bleaching agent) in bleaching vessel.