Peppermint Oil Extraction Plant

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Peppermint Oil Extraction Plant

About Peppermint Oil Extraction Plant:-
Mentha cultivation in India has proved quite remunerative to the growers, particularly to small holders and fitted well in the existing cropping system in mint growing area in the country, Mint growers consider mentha as a bonus crop as it does not disturb or replace the cultivation of any major winter (Rabi) or rainy season (Kharif) crop. Being a labour intensive crop mentha provides various employment opportunities in cultivation, distillation, processing field particularly in rural areas. There are several species and varieties of mint oil which are cultivated in one or the other parts of the world, five of them are grown on commercial scale in India, these are Menthaarvensis, Mentha-piperita, Menthaspicata, Mentha-veridish, Menthacitrata. The important mint producing regions in India are in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The former accounts for about 90% of total area under mint production, the important mint production cultivation districts are Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Raw Material and Sources :-
Mentha oil is obtained from the leaves/entire plant of various mentha species and varieties. The final product so obtained is Menthol Crystal and Peppermint Oil . The Oil of mentha- Arvensis is used as a source of natural menthol and dementholised oil (DMO). Because of its refreshing aroma and cooling effect, Mints have very wide spread use as flavouring agent in different pharmaceutical preparations.

The mint oil and its derivatives, menthol and DMO are now being marketed at various locations in North India as also being exported. The marketing of Japanese mint oil and menthol is wide spread. India is the second largest country in production of mints and its derivatives Mint oil and its derivative menthol is widely used as flavouring ingredients for various products such as toothpaste, dental cream, cough syrup, confectionery, Pan Masala chewing gum and in pain relieving preparations.

Plant Capacity :-
There are plant with different capacities ranging from 5mt 200 MT per month.
The average plant capacity is considered to be 50 mt
Raw material consumption required for 50 mt plant will be 3.6 MT per day

Description for Main Plant Machinery :-
  • Menthol flakes crystallizes
  • Menthol bold crystallizes
  • Centrifuges
  • Menthol dryer
  • Menthol shifter
  • Cutting trees and trolleys
  • Metal detector
  • Distillation / fractionating columns with CY packing and complete accessories of different capacities
  • Induction reactor and reactors
  • Cooling tower
  • Water ring vacuum pump, high vacuum pump and booster vacuum pumps
  • Mechanical seal pumps
  • Thermic fluid heater
  • Structure for distillation columns
  • Process chiller for cooling purpose
  • ETP/ STP
  • Water softening plant
  • Generator 300 KVA
  • Electric stacker
  • Storage tanks, thanks for intermediate products and finished product of different capacities
  • Electric appliances as panels, cable etc.
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Lab equipment